If you are someone who is wanting to learn how to dance with your partner, maybe for an upcoming event (wedding, party etc.) then you have found the right place. This dance lesson will get you and your partner comfortable in any setting, formal or informal.

In this course you will learn simple and easy dance moves to get you and your partner feeling comfortable on the dance floor (or in the living room!) in MINUTES!

This course is designed with beginners in mind, so don’t give us any of that “I have two left feet”, stuff. This one is made for ANYONE!!

This 5 video course is filled with short, sweet and simple videos that will break down each dance step and by the end of the course you will be able to comfortable turn and move on the dance floor together.

Remember if something doesn’t sink in the first time you can just re-watch the video!

Grab your dance partner and lets get your two moving!

couple taking online dance lessons with Bumpin Ballroom from their home.

THE ABCs, The Easiest Dance Lesson You Will Ever Take

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Learn how to dance together in MINUTES from the comfort of your own home! For only $40 you will learn the basics on dancing together, this is the leading online dance course!