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Private Lessons

the most effective way to improve your dancing

Private lessons give one on one focus allowing us to give you the most personalized attention. Getting ready for an event, wedding and/or competition? Private lessons are just what you need.

One Private Lesson Package


/per lesson
Three Private Lesson Package


/$120 per lesson
$15 savings
Five Private Lesson Package


/$110 per lesson
$75 savings
Three Private Lesson Package


/$100 per lesson
$250 savings

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online dance lessons
Online Lessons

Learn from anywhere

Times are changing and Bumpin is adapting. Each week to teach couples all around the world from Germany to USA and more, we make learning to dance easy and fun!


Hear from our students

 “Danny & Kayla are real, salt of the earth people. They are a great couple (with the cutest little family, by the way) with a talent for dance and teaching that gets even the biggest skeptic (my husband) looking forward to lessons. The wedding is over &we’re already getting another package of lessons for other types of dancing. I can’t thank them enough for their help and I look forward to learning more from them at the studio.”

Michelle- USA
couple taking online dance lessons with Bumpin Ballroom from their home.

THE ABCs, The Easiest Dance Lesson You Will Ever Take

Get The BUMPIN Course!

Learn how to dance together in MINUTES from the comfort of your own home! For only $40 you will learn the basics on dancing together, this is the leading online dance course!