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wedding dance lessons

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When it comes to wedding dance lessons, Bumpin is a master in the field. Learning to dance with each other should be easy and fun. We make this process great for you and your partner. Additionally, We will choreograph out all awkwardness and replace it with natural looking moves that will WOW your friends and family.

Whether your looking for sweet and simple or a dance full of dips and tricks we have got you covered. Contact us to get started, we have limited availability.

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wedding dance lessons

We teach out of multiple locations in the Hunter Valley area. We make sure everyone feels comfortable and heard. Our goal is for you to leave us with a natural look when you dance and a handful of jaw droppers to show off.

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We teach couples all over the world. Our online lessons make learning your first dance easy from the comfort of your home! Our couples say it feels like we are right there with them.

wedding dance lessons

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You only get married once, or maybe twice! Dancing together should be something you do for the rest of your lives, with Bumpins help this will happen for you both.

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Wedding dance lessons

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I have to tell you that Josh was having a revelation after our lesson today, saying how much this is inspiring him and making him love dancing! He's a changed man because of you two!

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THE ABCs, The Easiest Dance Lesson You Will Ever Take

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Learn how to dance together in MINUTES from the comfort of your own home! For only $40 you will learn the basics on dancing together, this is the leading online dance course!